TV bench for Jerry and Phyllis

                          It has wheels

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The unique thing about this TV bench is that it has roller bearing wheels and the TV can pivot in all directions. The TV will roll about 8 feet towards the recliners for viewing Blu Ray HD movies in 1920p. The TV, the Blu Ray player and the computer can access the internet for many features. The integration of the computer and Windows 7 opens up many media options. Can you imagine recording 3 TV movies at the same time while watching a 4th program? This is all high definition of course. You can also watch the beginning of one program while the end is still recording. Pictures, music and video are enhanced for easy use. A programmable remote control makes it easier to control things. 


The project idea needs to be put on paper.

The wheels took a lot of consideration mostly for the sake of stability.

Then the size had to fit what we wanted to use it for. Many dimensions to consider.

The side view shows the placement of the wheels as far to the front and rear as possible.

The wheels do not swivel. That would be impractical for this design.

Finally we get our hands dirty.

Working on the floor is hard on the legs. A flat surface is essential.

Once a few angles have been well establish I can work off the saw horses.

Tabs must be installed to support the wooden shelving. Very many tabs.

The wheels have many parts and this is where the bracket holes are drilled out.

The shelving is not as easy as it looks. The dimensions must be perfect. The cuts must be clean.

The computer must also be built and that is another project.

Finally we put the frame in place.

Did I tell you how hard it was to paint?

Finally a TV.

We add the furniture and the system is looking good.

Yes, it rolls. The resolution on any HD TV is the same. The distance is easier to change than the size of the TV.

Not only does the stand roll but the TV is on a universal pivot bracket.

Naturally, it pivots.

The TV can reach the minimum recommended distances for Blu Ray HD viewing.

It has TV Guide and direct Internet access. It upgrades it's software automatically.

It can record 2 shows in full HD while watching a 3rd program.

The integration of computer and TV is the thing of the future. Actually, it is right now.