My Music Room

I always welcome intermediate study partners. I like to read music. My ear for music is fair and can memorize favorite songs. I'm an intermediate study and play a variety of music. Chet Atkins is my primary reference. I use a pick or play finger style. I play almost everything except hard rock. If Chet can't do it, neither can I.

I have many Mel Bay books with CDs and DVDs. I'm using the books for diversification and technique. I'm about half way through the 8 books and study material. It is cheaper than private lessons. I have an abundance of song books with popular songs such as Beatles, Eagles, etc.

My ear for music is fair with simple progressions of 3 or 4 chords. The more complex progressions with 6 to 15 chords need more study.

I have all the mixing and recording equipment for professional recording and burning to CDs.
My wife plays the piano and will occasionally join in. The Roland piano can record and playback in MIDI. All recording is digital including the mixer. The pro microphones include instrument and voice.

I would like to find a few study partners. I'll try to record a few songs and post them here eventually. With 2 more years of hard study I could impress someone. I'm only 67 years old so there is plenty of time. Music is a hobby and playing for money is of no concern.



Austin Texas
8 miles from downtown on the southwest side.
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