Theme of communications

Go5.org is a little like a neighborhood association. The theme of the organization consists of harmonious interactive communications amongst the general public. The secondary objective is to discuss issues that pertain to the community.  The organization can be organized by zip code.


         Experience harmonious interactive communications with your neighbors.  Establish friendships. 

         Learn more about your community and provide protection in the neighborhood for children and property.

         Establish a working relationship with the police so we can help them to protect us.


         Communities that interact together have less crime.

         People are trustworthy and rational. We trust a jury to make very important decisions.

         Issues separate us in our private worlds. In harmonious interactive communications, issues become better understood. The controversial aspect of issues is defused into a common understanding of the variables and the unique differences amongst people.

         The more we understand people around us the more we understand ourselves because our own comparison is based on other people.

         We have gathered together in churches and in neighborhood associations as citizens for many years. The Go5 group is more like a neighborhood association where each person will function in his or her group of 5 people like one member of the board of directors. Each personís voice will be heard.

Discussion Groups Structure

Letís assume there are 50 members showing up for a meeting. The leader gives a 2 minute speech to open the meeting and start the theme of the subject.  At the end of 2 minutes (120 seconds) the group will divide up into 10 groups of 5 people. One person in each group is a moderator. The moderator asks pre-established questions and prompts the other 4 members of the group to contribute equally to the subject being discussed. The moderator is not allowed to voice any opinions or supply personal information.

At the end of 25 minutes the group gathers back together into one large group. Each of the 10 moderators will have 2 minutes to discuss the findings of his or her group.

A secretary is appointed who can take notes on what each moderator has to say. These results will be posted on the Go5.com web site.

The last 4 minutes of the meeting consists of the leader making a brief comment on the meeting and announcing the subject for the next meeting. Study is recommended for all meeting discussions. Program reading material will be provided for the next meeting for those without an Internet connection. Readings will always be available on the 78749.com web site.


The groups can take place in school auditoriums, library meeting rooms and peopleís homes.


The nature of the issues will pertain to the community. Anything beyond that must be carefully discussed and approved by a majority of the leaders. The leaders will be the BOD of Go5 and any government official who wants to participate in our endeavor. Our initial affiliation with government is through the local police.  Any subject that pertains to government on a higher level will also be under the direct observation of that branch of government.


 Religious issues cannot be discussed because any time a religious belief is placed on the negotiation table it takes away the freedom of religion of all other people at the table.  This does not mean you do not bring your religion with you. Bring your religion with you as the base of your being. It is the foundation upon which you establish your character.  Please consider that we do not vote for the religion of another person.  We vote for a common political leader and the winning candidate represents all people.


We do not intrude into politics directly. We do not promote political candidates. We do not influence laws.  The primary reason is because we have not been elected by the people and we have not been appointed by any elected official.  It can be said that we discuss issues and since politicians deal with issues our discussion might cast enlightenment on the way we vote.  

In politics we often refer to conservative and liberal. Those attributes can be used to divide us for the sake of controlled dissipation of hostile energy. However, these variances can be combined in a constructive way to enhance our joint contribution to society.  Group communications brings about understanding in a constructive way. As an example take the terms conservative and liberal. The terms Conservative and Liberal are relevant terms that actually apply to human characteristics. Liberals are in general more open minded in their pursuit of creativity, novelty, and diversity, whereas conservatives seek lives that are more orderly, conventional, and better organized.  Seventy five years of research have confirmed these characteristics. The results have an effect on a personís openness to experience and conscientiousness. These variances are revealed in the way people evaluate themselves. It shows up in their beliefs, values and preferences. It is evident in their social interactions, their personal possessions and the spaces they occupy. Our political world is designed around these characteristics. Any global effort to improve civilization should be well aware of these characteristics.  We can use these characteristics for a controlled release of hostile energy or we can combine those characteristics in a constructive manner to create a better world.  The solution is centered around harmonious interactive communications.

Email Groups

Most people can read faster than they can listen. Therefore, group email is of value for more elaborate opinions by those who need more time to compose their thoughts.  We do not recommend that group email takes the place of live communications.  There will be 2 email groups. One is for general chat and is not moderated. The other is strictly for official communications and all messages are strictly monitored and filtered. The purpose of the monitored group is to provide pertinent information to all people regarding official business and no general chat is allowed. This group email is for those who are already overloaded with email but need to know the essentials.


While we are not an organization that promotes speeches we will occasionally have a special guest that initiates our discussion with a speech that does not exceed 20 minutes.  Due to the time used we may have each moderator post their group findings to the secretary via email who in turn publishes to the web master.


We are working on the bylaws and many other aspects of the program.